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Championing inspired health care

Every one of the more than one million men, women and children who walk through our doors each year inspire us with stories of courage, perseverance, joy and resounding strength. It’s this power of the human spirit that drives us in our quest to achieve the best possible health outcomes for the people we serve, to explore new and better ways of doing things and to maximize every available resource. Serving the health care needs of our community is a privilege we take seriously. And it’s why behind every action we take, every dollar we spend, and every patient we treat is a sound strategic plan.

Trillium’s Strategic Plan 2009/10-2011/12 is powered by a new Mission, an inspired Vision and a strong set of Core Values. It better reflects today’s realities, effectively anticipates future pressures and clearly defines what it means to deliver high quality health care. In the face of an ever changing health care landscape, it is the roadmap that will position Trillium well to continue to meet community health care needs today and in the future.

The Credit Valley Hospital's Strategic Plan 2010-20015 was approved on November 26, 2009, to provide a framework for Credit Valley’s future. The plan, entitled Tother We Create Better Health Care is based on a partnership approach to patient care. Together with our health care partners we will protect patient access to safe, quality, affordable health care services. We will deliver only those services that should be provided in hospital and will support and navigate patients for their care that is more appropriately provided from a community based service. Please click here to visit The Credit Valley Hospital Strategic Plan page.