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Careers at Trillium

Our People Promise - You Matter. "I did my pre-grad training here and when it came time to find a full-time job, I only applied to one hospital - Trillium." Rafael, Registered Practical Nurse Veiw Rafael's Poster

Career Opportunities

Administrative Services

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The Administrative Support role provides services that support office and health system administration, report and document management, data entry, office supplies, specialty orders and equipment inventory maintenance and telephone communications. Positions in this role draw upon expertise in the usage of office management software, including spreadsheet, word processing and desktop publishing, and knowledge in one or more functional areas and of pertinent administrative protocols and principles associated with finance, human resources management, health and information systems, clinical operations and procurement.

Clinical Patient Services

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The Clinical Patient Care role focuses on health care delivery to the patient by nursing and allied health professionals. Positions in this role apply their respective clinical knowledge to:

  • provide clinical patient care services within a multi-disciplinary team
  • liaise and consult with internal/external resources to provide patient care services and educational programs
  • consult with patients and family members providing advice and education on progress, treatments and alternatives
  • provide emotional support and counselling
  • advocate on behalf of patients and families regarding patient care needs
  • collect and evaluate information regarding patient issues and care options
  • research and evaluate therapeutic options
  • conduct tests, analyses, equipment calibration, quality control assays
  • provide follow-up and quality assurance, ensuring documents, records and reports are completed
  • assess, plan, develop and implement individualized/group patient and family care plans and programs, monitoring and evaluating results and outcomes
  • assess and respond to emergency and crisis situations
  • assess, develop and deliver clinical professional educational and accreditation programs
  • ensure respective professional practice and safety standards are maintained as per Regulated Health Professionals Act (RHPA)
  • maintain patient records and patient charts, update information databases
  • inspect, maintain, troubleshoot, make minor repairs to clinical equipment
  • prepare, dispense, distribute and administer patient medications
  • coordinate staff schedules and resource capabilities

Consultant Support Services

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The Consultant Services role provides support and counsel to internal/external customers within the professional fields of finance, people support, staffing solutions, materials and facilities management, library resources, communications, information services/technology and public affairs. Individuals draw upon knowledge established through the principles and standards of their respective professional associations and societies. Trillium's mission and values, operating principles and protocols, health care industry standards and legislative directives influence the application of professional expertise.


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The Management role provides managerial and strategic direction to the operations of health delivery systems and functional departments and units. Positions in this role apply an in-depth understanding and knowledge in one or more areas of patient care, research, systems delivery, fundraising, human resource planning and administration, materials management, information technology, communications, public and community relations and finance, as well as a broader industry and economic knowledge.


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Working closely with key members and partners of the health care team, Trillium-affiliated physicians pride themselves on delivering the best care to our patients at our two locations, in the communities we serve. and in their practice.

Other Services

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